Sun Shines On Australian Solar Industry

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house with solar panels
Australia’s Senate gives solar industry a boost.
Solar Shop Australia

The Australian solar industry and its 4,000 employees were given a bright future on August 19th with the Australia’s Senate passing its Renewable Energy Target (RET) legislation. The legislation includes the Solar Credits scheme, considered crucial for the advancement of the solar industry.

Solar Shop Australia managing director, Adrian Ferraretto called the passing of the legislation a truly historic occasion for the solar industry in Australia.

“It has been a worrying few months for us, but all of Solar Shop Australia’s staff, contractors and suppliers would like to congratulate the Government, the Opposition, the Greens and the Independents for working together to pass this vital piece of legislation,” Mr Ferraretto said. “This is the first time there is legislation that includes specific incentives for solar power and gives the Australian domestic solar power industry a secure framework for the medium term to help promote investment in solar power,” he said.

The company now hopes that the community will embrace the technology so Australia can grow and build a global leadership position in solar power.

“Ultimately , I’d like to see Australia once again be the solar power house it once was in the early 1990’s,” Mr Ferraretto said. “The new Solar Credit scheme legislated under the RET gives all homeowners and businesses the financial incentive needed to install solar.

“Solar Credits will once again stimulate the solar power industry, create thousands of clean and green jobs and most importantly help the environment. The best thing about this scheme is that it’s not us, the taxpayers, paying for it, however the big polluters who will be purchasing the certificates,” he said.

Solar Shop Australia is one of the largest installers of solar power in Australia having installed one in four systems last year. Currently in its 10th year of operation, the company has recently used its vast knowledge and experience to install Australia’s largest and the first 1 megawatt solar power system at the Adelaide Showgrounds.

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