Breezes, Punta Cana: A Welcome Break From The Cold

resort at Breezes, Punta Cana looking across the pool

Breezes, the Super Clubs resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, has a lot to offer. It also has a lot that is inconsistent. Whether you enjoy your stay will depend much on your expectations and your preferences.

If food is your focus, your palette will be pleased. The large buffet offers theme nights that complement the menus at the six a la carte restaurants: Seafood, Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese, and the new traditional Dominican.
The food is delicious and always well presented. Unfortunately you can not
make a la carte reservations ahead of time, so you may spend a half-hour to an
hour waiting in line to ensure a table for that evening. Once you’re seated
you’ll find the service, while always friendly, varies between prompt and tardy,
with no discernible pattern.

The single large pool surrounded by palm trees and deck chairs features a
swim-up bar. Make sure you ask for the special of the day. If the water in the
pool is too cool for your comfort, try one of the three hot tubs. Or, better
still, visit the beach.

There are plenty of lounge chairs on the long, white sand beach, but you may
have to go early to find shade under a cabana. While the waves tend to be a bit
rough for swimming, they can be just right for body surfing. You can also rent
scuba and snorkeling equipment from the Dive Center, and all-inclusive packages
include some water activities. Almost as much fun, though, is simply watching
the Dive Center staff going about their jobs. At times it’s reminiscent of the
Keystone Cops.

beach at Breezes, Punta Cana

Do you always look for a bargain when you shop? Then you’ll love the bazaar about twenty minutes walk down the beach. Then again, maybe you won’t. The sellers start off at exorbitant and it’s up to you to talk them down to reasonable. Inevitably they’ll ask you where you’re from. This is not just a friendly conversation starter, although these fellows are masters at making it seem that way. If you’re from a richer country, they’ll assume you can afford to pay more and they’ll adjust their bargaining tactics accordingly.

If possible, go with friends and combine your purchases; you’ll get a better deal. Decide beforehand what you’re willing to spend, start off lower, and let yourself be talked into paying more, up to your predetermined limit. Above all, be willing to walk away. Understand that these fellows are just trying to make a living, but don’t pay more than what you think is fair.

Does the idea of a tropical wedding appeal to you? You’re not alone. Every day a half-dozen couples recite their vows on the beach, under the shade of a palm tree, or in front of a stand of Hibiscus. A word of advice: If you choose a ceremony on the beach, leave your high-heels and long train, and black-tie and tails at home and opt instead for simple attire, light and cool.

The resort provides wedding packages that include gifts for the bride and groom, an official to perform the ceremony, and all necessary paperwork.

The only real detraction from the Breezes in Punta Cana is the rooms.

The management needs to hire more staff to ensure the rooms are properly maintained. While clean, they tend to reflect the age of the resort and need numerous minor repairs. You may encounter broken towel racks, paint splatters, and faulty lighting. The satellite television service tends to be spotty, but who goes to the tropics to watch television?

One more caution concerning the rooms: when you book, ask for a room away from the buffet and the casino. The night-time noise levels in those areas can make a sound sleep next to impossible.

Minor inconstancies aside, the Breezes in Punta Cana provides a relaxing and enjoyable stay, the perfect antidote to a long, cold winter.

Jules Smith is the principal of LightningStrike Studios, a professional business and technical writing firm.