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Scientific Fanaticism

At a recent conference at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, scientists debated the relationship between science and religion. Not surprisingly, most of those in attendance had little use for religion,…

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Pointless Mission Statements

It’s sad how some companies put such emphasis on mission statements that say so little. Consider the following. These are actual mission statements from actual companies, showing how actually lame these businesses are. “We will…

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Celestial Navigation

Can you find Earth 150 million kilometers away? Move your mouse over the image to see it labeled. Have you ever wondered how those folks on the Enterprise found their way around? Imagine it. You’re…

A History Lesson For The Pope

In his first Christmas Eve mass since becoming the leader of the Catholic faith, Pope Benedict XVI had a lot to say about peace. Referring specifically to the Middle East, he said, “We wish to…

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Are you hungry for the McAstro?

Original photo by: fossilmike (cc) In an unprecedented marketing coup, McDonald’s Corp. today announced that it will fund the next NASA shuttle launch. “This will be an outstanding achievement,” said McDonald’s Chief Executive James Skinner….

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More Sensitive Data Lost

Business At The Speed Of Stupid. Another major corporation, this time the multi-billion dollar Boeing, has hemorrhaged confidential data. A laptop holding personal information including social security numbers, home addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates…

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Come Out From Among Them

In Oregon, 150 people have agreed to a settlement with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland. Their lawsuits against the Church allege sexual abuse by priests. The U.S. District Judge in the case, Michael Hogan,…

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Improving Sports

Here are some suggestions for improving professional sports. The big problem with sports is that they consume too much time. But there are ways to fix that. We can also make them more enjoyable for…

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Using a Mac font on Linux

So you want to use a Mac font on a Linux workstation. But the font appears to have a zero byte size. And when you copy that zero byte file to your Linux machine, Linux…

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Broken Glass

Broken Glass June 15, 2006 I was experimenting with the idea of telling a story in a painting or at least getting the viewer to think about what he was viewing. I thought I would…