Day4 Energy Upgrades Solar Modules Nederland

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diagram showing Day4's stay-powerful Technology
Day4’s stay-powerful Technology is among that being licensed to Solar Modules Nederland.
Day4 Energy

Day4 Energy, a leading global provider of solar photovoltaic products and solutions, has signed an agreement to provide Solar Modules Nederland (SMN), a leading high quality solar module provider based in Kerkrade, Netherlands with the equipment and technology to upgrade their 25MW production facility for the manufacture of solar modules featuring Day4 DNA Technologies.

The technology upgrade of SMN’s 25MW production facility to Day4 technology is scheduled to begin immediately, with production anticipated to start in mid July 2011. Solar modules produced by SMN will use the Day4 DNA PV cell – a unique design that forms part of Day4 DNA technology which will be brought to market by licensed cell manufacturing partners. Day4 DNA PV cells do not require soldering, and based upon tests conducted by Day4 Energy, virtually eliminates PV cell energy losses after module lamination. They also enable the manufacturing of modules based on work-smart technology which significantly reduces the effects of shading on module performance.

Using proprietary equipment and technology from Day4 Energy, SMN will quickly transition into manufacturing premium performance Day4 DNA solar modules with minimum capital investment. The upgrade integrates Day4 Energy’s PV cell lay-up procedure, replacing the need for soldering which is standard in most solar modules. All other necessary equipment exists in SMN’s current solar module manufacturing configuration.

“With production set to begin just four weeks after initiation of the technology upgrade, SMN is well positioned to meet the growing demand of customers throughout Europe and take full advantage of the compelling product differentiation offered by Day4 DNA technology,” notes Mr. Jac Hanssen, CEO of SMN.

The Day4 DNA brand encompasses three proprietary technologies that result in superior performance over standard modules: stay-powerful Technology interconnects solar electric cells in a unique way resulting in superior energy collection even in low light conditions; work-smart Technology ensures solar panels collect electricity when partially shaded by nearby trees, buildings or debris, generating more electricity in daily operations and over the life-time of the product; and live-long Technology enables superior performance in harsh climates due to a watertight back-sheet with an aluminum layer that protects against challenging weather conditions, moisture, salt-mist and harmful gasses from greenhouses and farms that can affect the amount of energy delivered by a solar PV panel.

“We are committed to the success of our manufacturing partners” says George Rubin, President of Day4 Energy Inc. “In addition to equipment and technology, Day4 Energy provides training, sales and marketing support, as well as market development assistance, to ensure the continued growth of products featuring Day4 DNA.”

“Armed with the Day4 DNA, SMN is able to make full use of next generation solar cell technologies – something that we believe is difficult, if not impossible, to do with conventional PV module manufacturing processes,” observes Mr. Rubin.

“When you look at the technological advantages gained without the significant capital investment associated with solar cell soldering equipment, we believe SMN is positioned for growth with well differentiated, market leading products. They will build modules with better DNA – Day4 DNA,” concludes Mr. Rubin.

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