Eye Fatigue and Dry Eye Causes Emotional and Economic Chaos

Eye Fatigue and Dry Eye Causes Emotional and Economic Chaos

Excessive cell phone and computer use can lead to eye fatigue and dry eyes.
LICENSE Gerd Altmann

Eye fatigue and dry eyes result from excessive evaporation of the tear film, which is naturally 99 percent water, and it leads to emotional problems that affect the economy and society in general.

So says water researcher Sharon Kleyne, host of the internationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science®/Nature’s Pharma®, The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica and World Talk Radio produced by Rose Hong, founder and director of Global Dragon TV in Washington, D.C., and her guest in China, Dr. Yuan Fang of the Bio Chemistry Research Center in China.

After earning his Ph.D. in physiology in China, Fang came to the U.S. for post-doctoral training in neurology. At that time, he also studied dry eye disease at the OHSU Casey Eye Institute in Portland, Oregon. It was there, says Fang, “that he began to notify and agitate people about the danger of dry eye.” Kleyne believes that the eyes have more influence on the health of the body than other organs and Fang agrees. “Over-evaporation of the tear film can infect and damage the cornea.”

Kleyne and Fang also agree on the limited benefits of eye drops. “Eyes can become addicted to eye drops,” says Fang. “Eye drops can wash away the natural water of the tear film, including valuable enzymes and proteins. If drops are overused, eyes can become addicted to the chemicals. Also, eye drops are inconvenient.” Returning to China five years ago and continuing to split his residency between the U.S. and China, Fang introduced the dry eye solution, Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® to his country of origin where 60 percent of young people are nearsighted and 300 million people suffer from dry eye.

Kleyne, who has studied water and water evaporation for more than 30 years, warns that unchecked dry eye has led to blindness being out of control. “As blindness increases,” says Kleyne, “the world’s economy will suffer.” Kleyne is also concerned that the prevalent use of the internet, cell phones, and computers is creating emotional problems for young people, especially, and people everywhere. Fang agrees. “With excessive use of these devices,” says Fang, tear film evaporation increases and blinking decreases. This is a problem, because blinking eyes is a way to increase secretion of the tear film.”

Kleyne argues that excessive use of the internet, cell phones, and computers leads to eye damage and emotional imbalances that result in addiction. “People need to separate from their phones, their computers, their friends, and take time to relax! Learn to breathe,” Kleyne continues. “Learn to drink lots of water daily and do moderate exercise. Learn to eat a balanced diet that is right for you and learn to sleep with the earth.” Fang concurs, encouraging eliminating sugar and consuming only between 50 and 100 grams of protein a day.

“We need to educate people about why they should not always be using the internet and their cell phones,” says Fang. “The eye is an elegant, important organ, yet people overuse and abuse the eye. The eye is the most sensitive organ in the body.” The eye needs rest and regular supplementation of the tear film with pure water.

Kleyne, also the founder/research director of Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, encourages everyone to embrace a Water Life Science® lifestyle for longer, healthier life. “We must embrace the Power of Water® and Nature’s Pharma® to find cures for disease, addiction and emotional imbalance,” Says Kleyne.

Listen to the program featuring Dr. Yuan Fang and Sharon Kleyne discussing eye fatigue, dry eye, internet, and computer abuse and addiction.