A Solution to the Global Financial Crisis

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Nations around the world are reeling from one financial crisis after another.

Iceland, one of the world’s richest nations, has gone bankrupt, unable to pay back its external debt. Other European countries are not far behind. Even economic powerhouse Asian countries like China and Japan are in trouble, facing plant closures and worker layoffs.

In the US, a report by CNN puts the current price tag of the bailout of American corporations at about $7 trillion. Yes, ten times that approved by Congress for the bailout package in September. That works out to about $23,000 for every American citizen.

The Big Three US automakers — Ford, GM, and Chrysler — have sent delegates to Washington on bended knee, begging for a mere $25 billion.

Homeowners unable to pay their residential mortgages have torched their houses and committed suicide rather than watch as the banks foreclose on their homes.

Many businesses will soon be in the same position, defaulting en-mass on commercial mortgages. When that happens, more people will be out of work. With fewer consumers able to get credit, manufacturers will see reduced sales, leading to more layoffs and closures, leading to more people out of work, leading to … You get the point.

What the world needs is a massive infusion of wealth, a jolt from an economic defibrillator to shock it back to life. But that would require more money than any one nation has. Even the wealthiest nations are no longer in a position to help themselves. The money must come from someone as yet relatively untouched by the financial storm. But who has that much money?

Who has the money?

There is one group that, while undoubtedly not wholly unaffected by the global financial crisis, has accumulated such wealth as to be in a far more stable position and capable of offering assistance than anyone else. Indeed, this group could likely bailout the whole world, were it so inclined. Who is it?

Here are some clues …

Who’s been sucking money out of families for centuries?

Who has hoarded wealth while those around them wallowed in poverty?

Who’s built lavish cathedrals next to squalid slums?

Who, for generations, has extorted money from grieving families with the lie that they had to buy their loved ones out of purgatory?

Who has sold indulgences, encouraging people to pay for their sins rather than repent of them?

Who has invested their billions in pension funds, insurance companies, real estate, and stocks of all kinds?

Who continues to pass the plate every week, demanding donations, often from those who can least afford it?

And who, through the present downturn, has remained virtually silent, afraid to draw attention to themselves?

Payback time

What do you think will happen when the governments of the world realize that the world’s great religions have been hoarding the wealth that could save them? For that matter, what will they do when they wake up and see that many of the world’s ills, if not directly caused by religion, are at least exacerbated by it? What will they do when they realize that for centuries they’ve been played for fools?

Do you hear the knocking at the door?

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