Hole19’s Brand-New Augmented Reality (AR) Feature Brings the Golf Course to Life

Hole19's Brand-New Augmented Reality (AR) Feature Brings the Golf Course to Life

Hole19’s multi-functional golf app now includes a new In-Round Augmented Reality (AR) feature. With this Premium launch, golfers can use their smartphone camera to enjoy a truly immersive 360° golfing experience and the ability to determine the correct line for their next shot, irrespective of course position. As well as providing an accurate point of reference towards the green ahead, the feature also provides accurate GPS distances to the front, middle, and back of the green on more than 42,000 mapped courses throughout the world.

Hole19 CEO Anthony Douglas said of the launch, “We are extremely excited about the possibilities that AR technology brings to golfers. It’s still early days, but the first signs of this technology are promising and this functionality will be extremely useful for golfers that are facing blind shots. It’s all about giving golfers confidence in their decisions.”

Hole19 believes that the introduction of AR helps bring another dimension to a golf app already filled with many game-enhancing features and this latest innovation will, at the same time, aid each member of an ever-growing community in their quest to play better golf.

The Hole19 golf app gives golfers the ability to book and manage their rounds, while statistical post-round evaluation assists in the ongoing quest for golfing improvement.

AR can be accessed, as with all other Premium features of the app, through a subscription-based pricing model with free trials available for each plan.

Hole19 provides a mobile & wearable platform for golfers to discover and book their golf, plan and track their rounds on the course, as well as a social platform to connect with other golfers and golf courses. Over 1.3M golfers are registered on Hole19 across 182 countries. The free app boasts over 42,000 mapped courses to help golfers hit their next shot with confidence.