Kruger Energy Chatham Wind Farm

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wind turbines at the the Kruger Energy Chatham Wind Farm in Ontario
The Kruger Energy Chatham Wind Farm will power 30,000 Ontario homes.
Kruger Energy

Kruger Energy, a leading Canadian producer of renewable energy, has opened its Kruger Energy Chatham (KEC) Wind Farm in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Ontario. The official ceremony was attended by Joseph Kruger II, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kruger; Dave Van Kesteren, MP for Chatham-Kent-Essex; Pat Hoy, MPP, Chatham-Kent-Essex; Randy Hope, Mayor; and many residents who came out to applaud the completion of this 101.2-megawatt project which required investments of approximately $310-million.

“Kruger Energy is very proud of this latest achievement and, more importantly, of helping to increase green energy sources for the benefit of all Ontarians,” said Jean Roy, Vice President and General Manager of Kruger Energy. “We are also very pleased to have created jobs and a positive economic impact for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, which was so welcoming from the outset,” he added.

This is the second wind farm built by Kruger Energy in this municipality located on the shores of Lake Erie. Just like the Kruger Energy Port Alma (KEPA) Project, completed in 2008, the Kruger Energy Chatham Project consists of 44 wind turbines that will generate enough electricity to power some 30,000 households in Ontario.

According to the Canadian Wind Energy Association, Canada currently boasts and installed wind-powered generating capacity of 4,611 MW. 1,656 MW of this is located in Ontario.

The KEPA and KEC Wind Farms have a combined annual output of approximately 600 gigawatt hours (GWh), which is sold to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) under 20-year supply contracts.

Kruger Energy is a business unit of Kruger Inc. that specializes in the development and management of green and renewable energy power plants. Kruger and Kruger Energy own and operate over 30 production sites, ranging from hydroelectric and wind power plants to biomass cogeneration and biogas plants, and whose total installed capacity is approximately 425 MW.

KEC Wind Farm Facts:

  • Turbines: 44 Siemens 2.3-MW Mk II Wind Turbines.
  • Tower height: Each tower supporting the nacelle is about 80 meters high.
  • Rotor size: Each rotor blade is 45 meters in length.
  • Output: Spinning between 6 to 20 times per minute, each turbine can generate up to 2.3 MW of electricity, enough to power more than 680 average residential homes.

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