WePOWER Combines Renewable Energy with Off-Peak Grid Power to Deliver Low Cost Electricity

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WePOWER LLC, manufacturers of vertical axis wind turbines and developers of clean energy solutions around the world, announced today the introduction of the first hybrid power system combining wind energy, solar power and batteries. The computer controlled hybrid power system will generate uninterrupted clean power using renewable sources and energy from the grid.

Developed in collaboration with WePOWER’s exclusive generator partner, Aura Systems, Inc., (AUSI.OB) the hybrid power system combines the sophisticated Aura Generators, used by the U.S. military, with a computer controlled power management system that delivers uninterrupted power generation from a combination of vertical axis wind turbines, solar panels, battery systems and the grid when needed.

The system combines and stores power from multiple clean sources, as well as from the grid at off-peak hours, from which users can draw electricity, regardless of the current availability of wind or sunlight.

“Our system allows users to harness the incredibly powerful, yet sometimes unpredictable, energy from wind and the sun,” said WePOWER founder, chairman and CEO, Marvin Winkler. “WePOWER is proud to take this next step to create a clean power system, further leveraging our transformational wind turbines and advanced technology from Aura Systems.

“The power management system allows the user to handle peak loads during periods when wind or solar energy or the combination of the two is not available in sufficient amounts, by combining their energy with batteries. As soon as the load demand drops, the batteries are recharged by the energy supplied by the alternative sources,” said Dr. Arthur Schwartz, Chief Technology Officer for Aura Systems, Inc.

Mr. Gagerman, Aura’s CEO, said, “This hybrid solution is based on the ideas used in our military power management solution. The availability of this new approach will provide a paradigm shift in the use of alternative energy solutions for individual sites and users. “

WePOWER develops clean energy solutions around the world. The company’s American-made vertical axis wind turbines deliver clean energy to consumers, home-owners, businesses, developers and wind farms throughout the world. The company manufactures and distributes the patented Windvertiser(TM), a method to display moving images on wind turbines. WePOWER wind turbines are powered by Aura Systems’ (AUSI.OB) AuraGen family of generators, which create 2.5 times the amount of energy per unit volume than other wind energy solutions. WePOWER manages all economics of the energy created by its innovative technologies including the tax incentives, energy rebates and carbon credits. Please visit www.wepower.us.

Aura Systems, Inc. is a technology company specializing in axial flux induction machines applications for Mobile Power Generation and Electric Motors. Aura’s generators, the result of 10 years of R & D, are used by the U.S. Military. Please visit www.aurasystems.com.

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