Paris Motor Show

October 1 to 16, 2016 - Paris, France

Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show is the international biennial event for all industry players and for all mobility solutions: cars for private buyers with or without licences, fleet cars, utility vehicles / manufacturers, coachbuilders, equipment suppliers, designers, engineering companies, tuning specialists / those involved in motor sports / finance, insurance… fuel options, road and transport planning / official and professional organisations, federations, regional and national institutions, schools and professional training centres / specialist media and the general public.

Get a preview of the cars of tomorrow. Discover the technical advances which will take us into the future. The road to the future begins in Paris.

THE BEST IN THE DESIGN world are coming to Paris, the international capital of fashion and trends – Interior and exterior car design, the aestheticism and functionality attract all gazes and enhance experiences.

THE KNOW HOW of car manufacturers who have come from all over the world to showcase their innovations in engines, comfort, safety and increased fuel efficiency.

INNOVATION using the best of future technology: the connected car, driverless cars, remote applications and services… The digital revolution that will aid our driving and daily transport needs.

A STEP AHEAD in the evolution of transport: the sharing economy, global urbanisation, climate change… The Paris Motor Show is the hub where all these new transport solutions come to life.

THE AUTOMOBILE AND CINEMA: SPECIAL EXHIBITION For the 2016 edition, the Paris Motor Show is once again creating a unique event. An unprecedented exhibition that will bring together the cars that have starred in films, cult series and video games, with more than 50 iconic vehicles, contemporary as well as historic, on display. Lots of surprises will mark this world exclusive of which the previous edition “The Automobile and Fashion” attracted more than 900,000 visitors, a record that could well be broken this time!

The Paris Motor Show, is much more than just a great car show, it is a spectacular, exclusive and personalised experience through the automotive world. The Paris Motor Show offers innovative and improved new services in order to offer greater comfort for your visit: space for VIPs and professionals, a wide range of catering options, a creche, test tracks, events…