MPrime’s Photovoltaic Modules Earn PID-Free Rating

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PID-free solar module

Photovoltaic cell efficiency and durability are key factors in the success and profitability of module manufacturers. In order for consumers to make educated choices, standardized tests are necessary to ensure comparisons between modules are accurate. One of these tests measures Potential Induced Degredation, or PID.

Potential Induced Degradation occurs when the power output of a photovoltaic module is reduced due to external factors such as high temperature and humidity, and high negative voltage bias between the cells and the ground. PID can affect the performance of individual modules as well as the overall power output and efficiency of an entire solar power generating system.

In Europe, Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin provides PID testing facilities, measuring the sensitivity of a module’s output when exposed to high system voltages. Modules are considered to show resistance to PID if they lose less than 5% of their nominal power under standardized test conditions.

Recently Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin tested MPrime’s M210-255P series modules, exposing them to -1000V at 85°C and 85% relative humidity for 96 hours, considered to be double the intensity of the standard test. Under these conditions, MPrime’s modules exhibited a maximum power degradation of only 0.3%. Such a result is sufficient to earn the modules a “PID-Free” classification.

Pedro Alves, Managing Director of MPrime, commented on the results. “This is a very pleasing result for us. High resistance to Potential Induced Degradation underlines the high quality of MPrime’s modules and their individual components, ensuring the reliability and long operating life of our products. There are a short number of ‘PID-Free’ modules on the market. It is an important measure for our customers, demonstrating that they can count on the quality of our modules.”

MPrime is the photovoltaic equipment distribution brand of Martifer Solar. Based in Portugal, the company provides a wide range of photovoltaic modules, kits, and components. MPrime’s modules are produced in one of the technologically best-equipped factories in Europe. Located in central Portugal, with an advanced and completely automated production line, it achieves an annual production capacity of 50 MW. The factory is part of an Integrated Management System, which is certified by the EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2004 and OSHAS 18001:2007 standards. MPrime’s modules were ranked as the third-best in the general score in the 2010 Energy Yield test by TÜV Rheinland.

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