Rooftop Solar Installation On Flanders Expo Hall In Belgium

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Rooftop solar installation on Flanders Expo Hall in Ghent, Belgium
Rooftop solar installation on Flanders Expo Hall in Ghent, Belgium.

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. has completed the installation of 1.87MW of UNI-SOLAR brand photovoltaic laminates on the Flanders Expo in Ghent, Belgium. The UNI-SOLAR laminates were integrated by Derbigum into a light weight building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) DERBISOLAR product. DERBISOLAR integrates UNI-SOLAR laminates with a highly durable roofing membrane to form a waterproof BIPV solar solution.

Derbigum chose UNI-SOLAR laminates because they are light and flexible; there is no perforation of the roofing membrane, they have excellent performance in diffuse light, and UNI-SOLAR laminates are highly damage resistant since the solar cells are concealed inside a polymer laminate and not glass.

Mark Morelli, ECD’s president and CEO, said, “The Flanders Expo installation is an excellent example of how we work with our channel partners to develop BIPV solutions for our customers. We are very pleased with the final project, and the fact that the Flanders Expo installation is expected to produce 1.5 million kWh of clean energy per year, representing the power consumption of approximately 454 families.”

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. is the leader in building integrated and commercial rooftop photovoltaics, one of the fastest growing segments of the solar power industry. The company manufactures and sells thin-film solar laminates that convert sunlight to energy using proprietary technology. ECD’s UNI-SOLAR brand products are unique because of their flexibility, light weight, ease of installation, durability, and real-world efficiency. ECD also pioneers other alternative technologies, including a new type of nonvolatile digital memory technology that is significantly faster, less expensive, and ideal for use in a variety of applications including cell phones, digital cameras, and personal computers.

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