4 Megawatt Rooftop Solar Project In Taranto, Italy

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United Solar Ovonics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. will make a major contribution toward a 4 megawatt building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system on the rooftops of the Marcegaglia Group’s industrial plant in Taranto, Italy. The system will be mostly equipped with UNI-SOLAR innovative flexible light weight photovoltaic modules. The project, one of the largest innovative technology rooftop systems in Italy, is scheduled to start operating in 2010.

The installation features Marcegaglia’s Brollo Solar photovoltaic roofing system. This roofing system is formed by UNI-SOLAR laminates being directly applied to corrugated sheets or insulating panels to form a light weight BIPV roofing solution.

Once fully operational, the complete system — owned 51% by Enel Green Power and 49% by Marcegaglia Group — will be able to produce over 5 million kWh annually, enough to meet the energy needs of approximately 1,900 households, thereby avoiding the atmospheric emission of some 4,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Mark Morelli, ECD’s president and CEO, said, “We are pleased to again be working with Marcegaglia on another BIPV project. This installation in Taranto is another excellent example of a successful BIPV application of our UNI-SOLAR laminates. Because UNI-SOLAR laminates are thin, light weight and flexible, they were the ideal choice for this installation which called for the PV system to be fully integrated into the existing architecture. We look forward to developing many more projects of this type in the future.”

The core business of the Marcegaglia Group, wholly owned by the family of the same name, is steel processing in which it is a world leader. With 6,500 employees and 50 manufacturing plants in Italy, Europe, the Americas, and Asia, it operates in markets around the world. As part of its diversified activities, Marcegaglia Energy is the business unit devoted to generating electricity from renewable resources. It has been operating since 1995 in power generation from biomass and refuse-derived fuel (Euro Energy Group). In 2006 it introduced photovoltaic technologies: with Arendi in the area of thin-film on glass substrates and with Marcegaglia Buildtech for flexible thin-film systems.

Enel Green Power, established in December 2008, is the Enel Group company devoted to the development and management of power generation from renewable resources at the international level, with a presence in Europe and the Americas. It is the European leader in its industry thanks to 17.2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity generated from water, the sun, wind, and the heat of the earth, enough to meet the consumption needs of some 6.5 million households each year and avoid 13 million tons of CO2 emissions. The company’s installed capacity totals about 4,700 MW, produced by more than 500 plants in operation around the world, with a generation mix that includes wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and biomass.

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. is the leader in building integrated and commercial rooftop photovoltaics, one of the fastest growing segments of the solar power industry. The company manufactures and sells thin-film solar laminates that convert sunlight to energy using proprietary technology. ECD’s UNI-SOLAR brand products are unique because of their flexibility, light weight, ease of installation, durability, and real-world efficiency. ECD also pioneers other alternative technologies, including a new type of nonvolatile digital memory technology that is significantly faster, less expensive, and ideal for use in a variety of applications including cell phones, digital cameras, and personal computers.

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