How Will Rousseff’s Power Cuts Affect Brazil’s Solar Power Sector?

Last month, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced a reduction in national electricity rates — the biggest in Brazil’s history — effective beginning January 2013. The move, designed to boost domestic industrial production and provide relief for consumers facing high electricity prices, has been met with mixed responses.

Questions have been raised as to how this affects the fledgling solar power sector in the country. Recent reports by EPE — Empresa de Pesquisa Energética — demonstrated that electricity produced from solar power was already competitive with electricity prices in a large number of regions in Brazil. Both the solar and the power industries are now reviewing their calculations to assess what the cuts mean for their sectors.

On October 16th and 17th, members of the country’s burgeoning solar industry will fill the Ceasar Park Hotel in Sao Paulo to meet with ANEEL — the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency — representing Brazil’s utilities and investors, to discuss the next steps the solar industry will take moving forward.

The congress comes at a crucial time for the sector as utilities finalize their studies on the adoption of net metering legislation which will also become effective at the end of the year, and discussions are still underway about the role of a solar auction.

As a country heavily dependent on renewable resources, with the hydro sector coming under fire and the wind industry encountering problems following the last auction, solar power has been shining a ray of light on power production for the country. Keen to not slip behind other rapidly expanding solar markets in Latin America, Brazil’s progress in 2013 is being closely monitored.

For those already active in the solar market, those looking to get the latest on solar economics, and those looking to meet with the companies already adopting solar development on a wide scale, October 16th and 17th represents an important date. A few open spots remain for the meeting which is being attended by such solar stalwarts as AEG, Fronius, JA Solar, Trina Solar, Schneider, and Abengoa . For more information on registering visit

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