Solar Lighting For Spokane Parking Lot

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Carmanah solar LED parking lights

The Spokane Public Facilities District is illuminating a central city parking lot with solar LED lighting from Carmanah Technologies. Installed as part of a new parking lot facility constructed in conjunction with the INB Performing Arts Center in downtown Spokane, the Carmanah EverGEN 1530 solar LED lights are providing the first LED site lighting in the city. Centrally located and easily recognizable as a sustainable energy solution, the lights are showcasing the Spokane Public Facilities District’s continued commitment to going green.

In addition to reducing the city’s carbon footprint, the solar parking lot lights also provide portability. Without the need for trenching or electrical grid connections, the solar lights can be picked up and moved to a different location as the Spokane Public Facilities District (SPFD) grows and site requirements change.

The SPFD, which operates the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Spokane Convention Center, and INB Performing Arts Center, has adopted a Sustainability Policy to operate its venues in an environmentally friendly manner, taking every available opportunity to reduce waste by conserving essential resources, recycling and using recycled materials, and utilizing renewable energy sources whenever possible. Procedures have been developed and communicated in various ways to engage all employees, clients, and guests in participating in sustainable practices.

Kevin Twohig, Executive Director of the Spokane Public Facilities District, couldn’t be happier with the lighting selection. “As a district we have adopted practices and procedures that actualize our Sustainability Policy. We are constantly looking for ways to better improve our venues in environmentally friendly ways and selecting solar LED lighting for the new parking lot facility was both logical and environmental.”

Provided through Carmanah lighting agent Cascade Lighting in cooperation with Escent Lighting and MW Consulting Engineers, the Carmanah EverGEN 1530 solar lighting systems were chosen based on company experience and the superior performance offered by the lights.

Featuring dark-sky friendly LED fixtures by BetaLED Lighting, the Carmanah solar lights are also designed to reduce light pollution. BetaLED fixtures are recognized as incorporating some of the most advanced LED technology on the market and their bright, focused light output will provide the city with hundreds of thousands of hours of maintenance-free illumination. In combination with the solar-powered technology of the lights, the LED fixtures will allow the city to significantly reduce maintenance costs for the lights and will eliminate electricity costs for illuminating the parking lot altogether.

In addition to the cost benefits of electricity and maintenance savings, the lights will provide a portable lighting solution that stands as a continual reminder of the Spokane Public Facilities District’s commitment to renewable technology infrastructure.

As one of the most trusted names in solar technology, Carmanah has earned a reputation for delivering strong and effective products for industrial applications worldwide. Industry proven to perform reliably in some of the world’s harshest environments, Carmanah solar LED lights and solar power systems provide a durable, dependable, and cost effective energy alternative.

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