Canada Funds Research Into Solar Photovoltaic Technology

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Day4 Energy's solar photovoltaic modules
Day4 Energy’s 48MC modules in Lagundo, Italy.

Day4 Energy, a leading manufacturer of high performance, cost-effective solar electric modules, has been granted $500,000 CND by the National Research Council, the Canadian Government’s premier organization for research and development. The funding will go to further support Day4 Energy’s activities to develop and commercialize a set of key cell manufacturing technologies that increase efficiency and lower production costs at both the cell and module levels.

“Day4 Energy’s mandate is to pursue technology that will enable superior performance over the lifetime of our products,” said George Rubin, president of Day4 Energy. “The focus is to increase kilowatt hours of output from our modules so customers see a better return on their photovoltaic investment. We can do that by designing and developing process technologies that are more economical and less energy intensive than existing methods to create higher efficiency cells.”

Day4 Energy received the funding through the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), which supports small- and medium-sized enterprises in communities across Canada by providing financial, technological and networking assistance. Day4 Energy extends their appreciation to the NRC-IRAP for their support to continued research in the development of Canadian solar energy solutions.

The new research will build on the Day4 Electrode platform, which is an advanced construction technology that directly replaces the decades-old soldering methods that are widely used to manufacture solar panels. By improving connections to and between photovoltaic cells, the Day4 Electrode delivers quality solar electric products with higher performance, longer lifetime, improved aesthetics, and lower cost. The Day4 Electrode further enables more efficient design and manufacturing of next generation PV technologies.

The National Research Council is the Government of Canada’s leading resource for research, development and technology-based innovation. It includes 20 institutes and national programs, spanning a wide variety of disciplines and offering a broad array of services.

Day4 Energy Inc. is Canada’s largest manufacturer of high performance photovoltaic modules for residential, commercial, and utility scale installations around the world. By fundamentally improving on the design and assembly of solar modules, Day4 Energy produces unique PV panels of high power density, increased lifetime, and uncompromised aesthetic appearance. Day4 Energy partners with international technology leaders to develop and deliver IEC- and UL-certified solar products to customers throughout Europe and North America. Day4 Energy is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DFE”.

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