Marketing Solar Power As A Wise Investment

a rooftop solar photovoltaic panel
Residential solar power can be a wise investment.
(cc) Rob Baxter

SunPower, a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, has launched a new dialogue and marketing campaign to make the promise of solar power a reality for everyday Americans. SunPower manufactures what they call “the planet’s most powerful solar technology,” which is now highly attainable thanks to financing options offered through the company and federal, state and local tax credits that can reduce the cost of SunPower systems by up to 50 percent.

Jan Soderstrom, chief marketing officer of SunPower, said, “This is an exciting and auspicious time for the solar industry and for SunPower. We are bringing truly attainable solar power to homes and businesses everywhere, at a time when it is most critical. Our new digital platform and ad campaign are important steps towards providing people with the knowledge and tools to control the rising cost of energy and achieve significant rates of return on their solar investment.”

SunPower’s “SeizeToday” campaign, created by Tribal DDB in partnership with DDB San Francisco, is reaching homeowners and businesses with radio and digital advertising. Additionally, the campaign uses outdoor, transit, and airport advertising, with headlines like “re-volt,” “use more sun,” “a guaranteed return with every sunrise,” and “rooftop stimulus packages now available.” A micro-site,, is also used to enable customers to learn more.

Top benefits and offerings on the new digital platform, also created by Tribal DDB, include:

  • Online estimator tool, with integrated Google Maps, that allows consumers to estimate the price of the installation of the system (factoring in federal, state and local tax credits) and ongoing savings specific to their home.
  • Content and testimonials that show the time for solar is now.
  • Link to an application for the Apple iPhone(TM) or the iPod touch mobile devices to monitor system power generation.
  • An informative and consumer-focused blog feature.

“We are honored to be SunPower’s partner in leading the solar revolution,” said Geoff Gougion, managing director of Tribal DDB San Francisco. “SunPower is a recognized global leader in the solar industry, and we are thrilled to be taking their brand to market using mass media and smart, digital platforms.”

To further entice customers, SunPower has formed a partnership with Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union to help homeowners secure long term home equity loans to finance the purchase of their solar power systems. The five-year loans may allow homeowners to take advantage of the 30 percent federal tax credit the government is offering for installing such systems. As a result, homeowners benefit from both reduced taxes and reduced electric bills.

Of course, what will make solar power systems even more attractive is a price low enough that financing isn’t even necessary.

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