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Alex and Ken Sutherland of LifePlan Group 4 Key Ingredients To Family Business Success

Balancing work lives with personal lives can be difficult for those who work in family businesses. It’s easy to allow the personal to seep into the business and to allow business issues to creep into what should be private time. Father and son team, Ken and Alex Sutherland, explain how they’ve made it work as they manage an independent investment advisory firm together.

A Solution to the Global Financial Crisis

Nations around the world are reeling from one financial crisis after another. Iceland, one of the world’s richest nations, has gone bankrupt, unable to pay back its external debt. Other European countries are not far behind. Even economic powerhouse Asian countries like China and Japan are in trouble, facing plant closures and worker layoffs. In

The Cost of Humor – How many customers can you afford to alienate?

A job web site runs a series of radio commercials featuring a befuddled boss agonizing over how to advertise a job opening. In each commercial, a couple of his employees explain how XYZ Job Site can solve all his problems, after which he rejoices, usually with some silly song. One of these commercials takes place

Cut Corners On Safety At Your Financial Peril

In some jobs and in some industries, it doesn’t really matter what you do, you’re not likely to hurt anyone. An artist who creates bad paintings simply doesn’t sell those paintings. No matter how bad they are they’re not going to cause an outbreak of art-induced illness or death among unsuspecting gallery visitors. A bad

Tim Hortons – How much is goodwill and customer loyalty worth?

Tim Hortons, with more than 2,750 outlets across Canada, is Canada’s largest and most popular coffee and donut shop. Since its inception in 1964 it has become a Canadian institution, as much a part of the nation’s psyche as hockey, fitting since it was started by the late Toronto Maple Leafs player Tim Horton. It

Lifelock – Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

The identity-theft prevention company Lifelock is so confident its system works, it offers a $1 million guarantee to its customers. The CEO of Lifelock backs up his claim by publishing his own US Social Security number, daring thieves to steal his identity. An excellent plan with only two minor drawbacks. First, the methods Lifelock uses,

Manners In Text – Observing proper business etiquette in your email

You probably receive dozens of email messages every day. Most of them are likely spam. And you may send as many as you receive. Could the email you send also be regarded as spam, or worse? The ease with which messages can be sent and the low cost make email a powerful tool for business.

Don’t Say It If You Don’t Mean It

From Random Notions’ Business At The Speed Of Stupid file. During the 2007 Juno Awards in Saskatoon, a CTV producer approached a couple in their seats, Steve Ryde and Vanessa Thomas, and asked if they’d like to watch the show from a convertible Pontiac Solstice near the stage. Pontiac was one of the broadcast sponsors

No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

From Random Notions’ Business At The Speed Of Stupid file. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. In a way, that may be true. Take the new movie, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, due to be released later this spring. I may never have heard of this were it

Ford Sees Red

From Random Notion’s Business At The Speed Of Stupid. You don’t last 103 years by being stupid. But you don’t lose $12.7 billion by being smart. Ford Motor Co. has done both. Ford is hemorrhaging money. To counter it, they’re closing factories and cutting thousands of workers. If current trends continue, Ford will soon be

Another Bank Loses Your Data

One more entry in Random Notions’ Business At The Speed Of Stupid file. When banks transport money, they usually do so using armored trucks and armed guards. There’s a lookout posted when the stop. They keep careful count of the bags of cash they pick up and drop off. Would it be so hard to

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