Electric Vehicles

Shweeb’s SkySMART Rises Above Gridlock

If you live or work in a large city, it’s likely you’ve experienced the frustration of sitting in urban traffic. In Toronto, Canada’s largest urban center, traffic is a problem for 71 percent of drivers, with 40 percent estimating they spend more than an hour a day in gridlock, according to a survey by traffic-solutions company Beat The Traffic.

Electric Car Pledge – Making A Difference

Electric vehicles have been around in one form or another for more than a hundred years. Yet, it’s still rare to see one driving beside you, or to find one at your local auto dealer. That will soon change if Ollie Danner has his way.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure – Where Do You Plug In?

One of the biggest challenges facing the wider adoption of electric vehicles is the charging infrastructure. Where do you plug in? With limited battery range and charge times of a half hour or more for even the most powerful chargers, it’s crucial that charging facilities be plentiful and readily accessible. Where does the electric vehicle charging infrastructure stand now and where is it headed?

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Flash Charging Electric Buses In 15 Seconds

Flash charging electric buses reduce urban pollution and noise. ABB, the leading power and automation technology group has developed a new technology that will help power the world’s first high-capacity flash charging electric bus system….

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Overcoming Electric Vehicle Limitations With Electric Roads

Richard Sebestyen, Project Manager at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, with Volvo’s Electric Road. Electric vehicles promise clean, quiet transportation, but they suffer from a severe drawback: Their range is limited by their battery capacity. While…

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More Electric Vehicle Choices Coming From GreenTech Automotive

GreenTech Automotive, an American manufacturer of all-electric vehicles, and JAC Motors, a leading Chinese automotive manufacture, have announced a strategic partnership that will include the development of a five-passenger, all-electric sedan to be assembled in…