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Positioning Ontario as Renewable Energy Leader

Manufacturing, transporting, and assembling wind turbines means more jobs for Ontario. (cc) Bev Currie Local and international environmental and renewable energy groups congratulated the Ontario government for four new programs that will make the province…

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Make Money By Going Green In Canada

Canada is a rich environment for green investments. (cc) C. Barabanov Leading companies recognize that social, environmental, economic and ethical factors directly affect their business strategy and success. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, as sustainability becomes an…

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Investing In Renewable Energy

The University of California, Merced will host one of the SunPower installations financed by Wells Fargo. (cc) Erik A. Olsson There’s been a lot of news lately about various governments opening their coffers to finance…

Needed: More Money For Clean Energy

Is the world spending enough on clean energy? A report by the World Economic Forum indicates the answer is no. According to New Energy Finance, a financial research firm specializing in renewable energy, global spending needs to reach at least $515 billion US per year from now until 2030, or carbon emissions will reach unsustainable levels, leading to significant environmental damage.

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Marketing Solar Power As A Wise Investment

Residential solar power can be a wise investment. (cc) Rob Baxter SunPower, a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, has launched a new dialogue and marketing campaign to make the promise…

Will Green Energy Investment Continue?

Investing in green energy is vital for a healthy environment, but it’s also important for a healthy economy. At least, one can gather as much from the spending on energy efficiency and renewable energy going on around the world.

Green Energy Equals Green Jobs

Wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal plants, and biofuel refineries all require raw materials to construct. Somebody has to produce those raw materials. Somebody has to design the units. Somebody has to build them. Somebody has to install them. Somebody has to maintain them. All of that labor brings with it a vast array of associated jobs: information technology, engineering, human resources, accounting, marketing, communications, transportation.