Plug Power Ships First Production Progen Engines for Electric Vehicle Range Extenders

Plug Power Inc., a leader in providing energy solutions that change the way the world moves, has shipped the first production ProGen fuel cell engines for use in electric delivery vehicles. Through this application, Plug Power extends its reach into the on-road electric vehicle market, increasing its served market for fuel cell products and hydrogen fueling stations.

The Present And Future Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Mention zero-emission vehicles and most people think of battery electric cars. But there is another option: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles – FCEVs – powered by hydrogen. Why don’t we see more of them on the road? What are the hurdles hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles need to overcome before we’ll be able to find them at a local dealership?

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Fuel Cells Strengthen Grid Resiliency

Storms like 2012’s Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the resiliency of fuel cells in providing bac,up grid power. (cc) USFWS The severe weather events that struck the U.S. northeast states in recent years disrupted emergency communications and…

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DOE Funds Fuel Cell Research and Development

A 5-kilowatt elecric power fuel cell. (cc) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory The U.S. Department of Energy is accepting applications for a total of up to $74 million to support the research and development of clean,…

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Thin Films May Increase Power Production for Fuel Cells

The circles in the background represent tiny thin-film electrodes made of a material called strontium-substituted lanthanum cobalt perovskite, or LSC (whose crystal structure is diagrammed at top left). The diagram shows the lab setup used…

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Bloom Energy Debuts Advanced Fuel Cell

The compact Bloom Energy Server ready to install. Bloom Energy Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based company committed to changing the way people generate and consume energy, has introduced the Bloom Energy Server, a patented solid oxide…

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Powering Fuel Cell Buses In Europe

Ballard Power Systems’ FCvelocity-HD6 Ballard Power Systems has received a sales order for five FCvelocity-HD6 power modules from Advanced Public Transportation Systems bv (APTS), a specialty bus OEM in The Netherlands, part of the VDL…

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BC Transit’s First Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Bus

Ballard’s FCvelocity-HD6 is a plug and play application for any fuel cell or hybrid fuel cell bus platform. Ballard Power Systems, BC Transit, the Province of British Columbia, the Government of Canada, and its consortium…

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Coca-Cola’s New Fuel Cells

Drink a Coke, Save the World The Coca-Cola Company In an effort to reduce its energy use and carbon footprint, Coca-Cola will soon rely on hydrogen fuel cells for a portion of its operational energy…