1.5MW Electrolyser Deployment in Scotland

The Orkney Islands have over 50MW of installed wind, wave, and tidal capacity, generating over 46GWhr per year of renewable power, and has been a net exporter of electricity since 2013. Unfortunately, the wind turbines at Shapinsay and Eday, two of the Orkney islands, are often ‘curtailed’, losing on average more than 30% of their annual output. In addition, their electricity output is limited by grid capacity restrictions in Orkney.

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Sea water provides a ready supply of one half of the Hydrogen-On-Demand equation. (cc) Mados The promise of the Hydrogen Economy is clean, cheap fuel that can be used to power everything from industrial transportation…

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DOE Highlights Clean Energy Jobs

Government funding is creating clean energy jobs across the U.S. (cc) Wayne National Forest Despite the recent controversy surrounding the federal government’s investment in clean energy initiatives, the U.S. Department of Energy is demonstrating the…

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Solid Hydrogen Storage

McPhy Energy’s solid hydrogen storage system. McPhy Energy McPhy Energy, a leader in solid hydrogen storage technology, has announced that the company has signed a contract with the Enel Group, Italy’s largest power company and…

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Solar-Powered Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Proton Energy Systems, the global leader in on-site hydrogen generation, and SunHydro, an upcoming chain of hydrogen fueling stations, celebrated the grand opening of its first station at 10 Technology Drive in Wallingford, Connecticut, the…