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Disappearing Orangutans

The orangutan population in the rain-forest islands of Sumatra and Borneo is decreasing at an alarming rate. While exact numbers are unknown, one thing is for sure: the number of orangutans in the wild is…

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Gorilla Charles Picks His Baby’s Name

The critically endangered Lowland gorilla population gets a boost. (cc) Adrian Letting his nose be the guide, Western Lowland gorilla Dad Charles was able to choose a name for his baby son, born on September…

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Protecting Atlantic Coral Reefs

(cc) Greg Grimes Environmental Defense Fund saluted the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council today for its final vote to protect what may be Earth’s largest deepwater coral reef ecosystem off the coasts of North Carolina,…

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Earth’s Disappearing Water

India’s groundwater withdrawals as a percentage of groundwater recharge (cc) NASA Water levels in India are getting lower. They have been for some time, by as much as a foot per year for the last…

Why I Like Bats

Why I Like Bats (The Real Story)

It seems so unfair, that we cannot step into the air. That we with the biggest brains and thoughts profound are left here on the ground, looking up into the rain.