Food Waste Resonates Beyond the Trash Bin

Food Waste Resonates Beyond the Trash Bin

Here’s a thought to chew on before you toss out that unfinished meal or oddly shaped fruit or vegetable: U.S. consumers waste nearly a pound of food per person per day. So says a study published today by a team of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and university scientists in the journal PLOS ONE.

Plastic Eating System Could Help Solve Recycling Crisis

Plastic Eating System Could Help Solve Recycling Crisis

As nations around the globe search for new ways of handling waste following China’s decision to stop processing the world’s rubbish, a South Australian man is searching for investors to help build a commercial system that converts waste plastic into biogas.

iLLUMA-Drive Combines DC LED Lighting With Intelligent Renewable Energy Storage

We are on the verge of a sea change in commercial and residential lighting. Recently, LED lighting has been making rapid inroads in both industrial / commercial and residential markets. Now we’re about to witness a fundamental shift in how we light our homes and offices. Leading the way is Canadian startup iLLUMA-Drive Inc., and they’re doing it with DC power.

LightingTech Qatar Advances Qatar National Vision 2030

Advanced Conferences & Meetings (ACM) proudly launched the 3rd annual LightingTech Qatar conference at City Centre Rotana, Doha, Qatar today. The conference brings together government authorities, industry regulators, lighting designers, and consultants and technology providers…

Qatar National Vision 2030 – Get involved

Driven by the enormous amount of construction and development that Qatar is currently undertaking, as it works towards the goals of the National Strategy 2011-2016 and the National Vision 2030, lighting is playing an increasingly…

Outdoor Lighting Projects UAE Supports Dubai’s Demand Side Management Strategy

Advanced Conferences & Meeting’s 2nd annual Outdoor Lighting Projects UAE conference in Dubai brought together government authorities, urban planners, lighting designers, lighting engineers, consultants, contractors, and manufacturers to discuss the challenges and opportunities in implementing new outdoor lighting technologies.

RetrofitTech UAE Advances Energy Efficiency

RetrofitTech UAE brought together government authorities, energy consultants, sustainability experts, and technology providers to discuss exciting retrofitting projects, the associated opportunities and the latest developments in UAE’s retrofit programme.