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The World Vegan Summit & Expo

July 29 to 31, 2016 - Berkeley, California, USA

The World Vegan Summit & Expo

Find solutions to our greatest global challenges – climate change, world hunger, disease, deforestation, poverty, drought, energy crises, resource depletion, war, violence – and the suffering and massacre of billions of innocent animals. Coming July 29-31, 2016 to the University of California at Berkeley, one of the word’s leading institutions of higher learning – in one of America’s most progressive communities – Meet today’s most provocative movers and shakers, thinkers and doers – college professors, medical professionals, ethicists, environmentalists, social justice activists, authors, athletes, chefs, and vendors – in a positive, informative, and entertaining environment – indoors and outdoors – and enjoy extraordinary discussion, fantastic food, and exhilarating music.

By Popular Demand! Attendees at the first WORLD VEGAN SUMMIT & EXPO called it “awesome”, and the “greatest event they ever attended.” This one will be even better if you are there with your friends and family to help create a better world!

The SUMMIT part of the World Vegan Summit & Expo will be a resounding presentation exploring the many reasons for the urgent need for the world to GO VEGAN.

The EXPO that is the World Vegan Summit & Expo takes us to the vegan place that we want to create in the world – where all food is vegan, as are clothing, personal care, and household products – with no ingredients derived from animals and no animal testing. Taste, explore, enjoy – wander among exhibitors, vendors, and animal sanctuaries and rescuers.

If you love animals, care about your family’s health, want to take meaningful action for the environment, you must attend this event!

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