Tocardo to Test 20-Year T2 Tidal Array at EMEC

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Tocardo turbines

Tocardo turbines
© Tocardo

Tidal energy company Tocardo has signed up to demonstrate a 20 year ore-commercial array at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney. The contract was signed at the International Conference for Ocean Energy (ICOE) being held in Edinburgh this week.

Tocardo plans to install eight T2 turbines across two Tocardo systems at EMEC’s grid-connected tidal test site at the Fall of Warness, off Eday, Orkney. Installation is scheduled to begin in 2017.

Tocardo’s T2 turbines have already been deployed and proven in the Netherlands at the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier (Deltaworks).

The planned array at EMEC is the next step in Tocardo’s path towards commercializing their tidal turbine by proving and validating the technology in the volatile offshore environment in Orkney for an extended time period.

Hans van Breugel, Tocardo’s CEO, noted, “The EMEC project is a breakthrough for Tocardo’s careful roll out of our technology moving from near inshore towards offshore. With multiple turbines operational in low, moderate, and extreme high tidal flows we now feel comfortable to go offshore. The EMEC opportunity will boost the implementation of Tocardo’s commercial roll out. Tocardo is pleased to be back in Scotland and looking forward for a long and lasting partnership with EMEC.”

Neil Kermode, EMEC’s Managing Director, commented, “It’s fantastic to see Tocardo entering the Scottish market. The tidal array they will deploy at EMEC will act as a stepping stone towards commercial deployments, and we’re delighted to be working with Tocardo towards that future.”

Established in 2003, EMEC is the world’s leading facility for testing wave and tidal energy converters in real sea conditions. The centre offers independent, accredited grid-connected test berths for full-scale prototypes, as well as test sites in less challenging conditions for use by smaller scale technologies, supply chain companies, and equipment manufacturers.

To date, more marine energy converters have been deployed in Orkney, Scotland, than at any other single site in the world. EMEC has hosted 16 wave and tidal energy clients (with 25 marine energy devices) spanning 9 countries.

With over 12 years of unprecedented experience, EMEC also offers performance assessments, Environmental Technology Verification (ETV), a range of research and consultancy services, and has facilitated the development of international standards for marine energy.

TOCARDO International BV is a Dutch company, with the goal of becoming the market leader in tidal energy. In 2015, the Den Oever-based company installed three linked turbines in the Afsluitdijk, a 30 km long primary sea defense in The Netherlands, with a total capacity of 300 kW. Another Tocardo turbine in the Afsluitdijk has been providing electricity for over seven years now. Tocardo also deployed its first offshore floating project at the Island of Texel in The Netherlands.

By the end of last year Tocardo and Huisman, designer and builder of the turbine’s suspension structure, had installed five tidal turbines in the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier (Oosterschelde barrier). This installation is the largest tidal energy project in the Netherlands as well as the world’s largest commercial tidal installation of five turbines in an array.

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