Top Toys of 2013

zoomer robotic pet
Zoomer barks, talks, scoots, and plays … and is the top toy of 2013!

After rigorous review by families from across the country, this year’s top 30 toys have been selected by FamilyFun magazine for its 22nd annual Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) Awards. The 30 winning toys deliver child-tested play value and fun factor, along with innovation, durability, and safety, after being selected from more than 300 contenders.

Ann Hallock, Editor-in-chief of FamilyFun, says, “Our awards stand out because real families put some of the most unique products to the test in an actual home environment, so you can be sure the toys meet the high standards of fellow parents — and their kids. This year’s winners include the very best of what’s new in children’s play across art, tech, learning, pretend play, crafts, games, and more.”

The Top 10 FamilyFun T.O.Y. Award Winners for 2013 are …

Zoomer — He sits. He stays. He barks, rolls over, and plays dead. This lovable robotic pup got top honors this year for doing just about everything a real dog does, right down to requiring a bit of training to follow commands. Expressive LED eyes and realistic body movements make this spotted wonder nothing short of fetching.

John Deere Monster Treads Radio Control Tractor — This revved-up tractor careens over anything in its path, when it’s not backing up, popping wheelies, or spinning in circles, all on supersized, bouncy wheels.

Hot Wheels Carcade — This fast and furious game allows players to send race cars around a pinball machine-like speedway. The goal (and the fun): crashing vehicles through lit-up targets, up a ramp and into a hoop, all while trying to score major points in 60 seconds.

FurReal Friends Cuddles — Meet Cuddles, an animatronic plush playmate who is programmed with more than 100 different responses. She squeals and blinks, swivels and sighs, and even drinks from a banana bottle.

Battroborg — This modern take on ‘You-Knocked-My-Block-Off’ uses the handheld, Wii remote-style controllers to have a boxing match between two robots. Players punch their arms in the air and see the same movement played out by the mini bots.

Air-Stream Machines — Science and play intersect in this kit themed around the power of air. Learn about mass, airflow, and pressure through the construction of ten air-powered gadgets, including a hovercraft, basketball launcher, and batting machine.

R.V. Seeing You Camper — Featuring a comfy, foldaway bed and cozy kitchenette, the easy-rolling, 20-inch-tall camper for the Our Generation line of dolls is a real trip. It’s big enough that multiple kids can play with it together.

B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield — In this 2-player, rapid-fire game, (a companion to the anime TV series) opponents face off with humanoid launchers and send marbles flying, trying to be the first to blast three red bricks into enemy territory.

Pom-Pom Puppies — It doesn’t get much cuter than a Chihuahua made out of pom-poms. That is, until you see the dozen other poufy canines kids can fashion from this DIY yarn kit.

2-in-1 Shop & Cook — Kids can go from shopper to chef with this clever combo. Fill up the grocery cart with play food, then flip down the sides to cook the feast. Both incarnations make dinner prep deliciously fun with sing-along music and interactive learning prompts.

To view all 30 FamilyFun T.O.Y. Award winners for 2013, check out the November issue of FamilyFun magazine in print or on the iPad.