Vitamin Air – A Nicotine-Free Inhalation Device That’s Good For You

Vitamin Air  - A Nicotine-Free Inhalation Device That's Good For You

Offering three different blends of Vitamin Air – Fuel, Melt, and Pure—Sparq – users can breathe in their blend of choice through the recyclable Vitamin Air device, offering over 400 inhales.

Consumers who’ve been looking for a recyclable and nicotine-free inhalation device have invested more than $60,000 into a new environmentally-friendly inhalation device, quadrupling the campaign goal for Vitamin Air on Indiegogo.

Developed by New York-based wellness company Sparq, Vitamin Air replaces nicotine and harmful chemicals with lab-tested vitamins, amino acids and botanicals and was developed to “reimagine the future of inhalation,” according to Sparq Co-founder Avi Kwitel.

“We’re excited with the response from our backers so soon after our launch on Indiegogo, who will be the first to enjoy this new, superior alternative, rather than the other devices on the market today from other companies irresponsibly releasing products that are harmful to users and the environment,” Kwitel said. “We built Sparq because we were frustrated consumers who wanted a well-designed product that was nicotine-free and health-focused, and we’re ecstatic to see there are other consumers out there who feel the same way.”

Along with inhalation toxicology expert and Sparq advisory board member Dr. Ed Carmines, co-founders Kwitel and Mark Greenspan set out to reimagine the future of inhalation – spending two years designing and testing Sparq’s all-natural Vitamin Air blends: Pure, Fuel and Melt.

Focused on vitamin integrity, the Sparq team worked to ensure its vitamin formulas remained intact when heated and did not produce harmful by-products during extensive lab-testing. These tests were conducted by an independent testing laboratory accredited to ISO 17025.

“This is the first wellness company I’ve ever seen that invested in this level of testing and analysis around vitamin inhalation,” said Dr. Carmines. “I believe Sparq’s commitment to developing a product that’s sustainably designed, consumer friendly and non-harmful is truly revolutionary.”

Offering three different blends of Vitamin Air – Fuel, Melt, and Pure—Sparq – users can breathe in their blend of choice through the recyclable Vitamin Air device, offering over 400 inhales.

Sparq’s three unique formulas are infused with an organic base of USP-grade vegetable glycerin and offer natural power boosters like L-Theanine and Beta Alanine (Fuel), metabolism-enhancing herbs and vitamins like Acai Berry and Green Tea (Melt), or anti-aging nutraceuticals such as Blueberry Extract and Grapeseed (Pure). All Sparq formulas are available in natural vanilla or strawberry flavor and contain the essential natural nutrients L-Choline and vitamin D3, which play multiple roles in maintaining a healthy body.

From their environmentally-friendly packaging and free recycling program, to their commitment to promoting healthier habits, Sparq’s founders hope consumers find Vitamin Air to be the highest quality inhalation product available on the market today.

“We hope our customers use Vitamin Air to create healthier habits, be it decreasing stress or getting off nicotine,” Kwitel said. “Our goal has always been to remove the stigma surrounding inhalation by offering an ethically-made device that is nicotine-free and wellness-inspired.”

Founded in 2016, Sparq is a global wellness company revolutionizing the inhalation industry with its nicotine-free and environmentally-friendly inhalation device: Vitamin Air™. Recognizing the lack of safe, socially conscious and recyclable options for adult inhalation device users, Sparq worked with leading scientists and expert product developers to design its first patented wellness device, Vitamin Air, which contains nutrient-dense vitamins instead of harmful chemicals and nicotine. Sparq’s Vitamin Air is available in three unique blends—Pure, Melt and Fuel—and all contain essential nutrients, natural herbs and botanicals often used to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.