Why I Like Bats (The Real Story)

Why I Like Bats

A Poem by Mark (Spooky)
For Olivia (The Fair and Lovely)

I began to realize that life is a big thing,
and no one animal has it all.

There are feathers and fur,
feet and fins,
scales and skin,
big and small,
noses and beaks,
cold-blooded and body heat.

And that’s because there are lots of places for life to live:

The sea… is not for me.
There are fish that swim,
fish that float,
fish that hide,
fish that bloat.
Tentacled things, spines that sting.
…Slimy fish… fish that glow in the night.
Fish that eat other fish, fish that bight.
Not my kind of place.

The land is what we have at hand.
Ice and roads and desert sand.
Thorns and rocks and things that hurt
your knee, when you fall in the dirt.

Then there is the sky. Oh my!
Sunbeams and stars
and planets like mars.
Clouds can be more than they seem
and winds to carry us to our dreams
… and beyond… the rainbow…
only those with wings know.

And what wings there are:
birds and bees and bugs
and spores of mold,
and flying pterodactyl lizards in days of old.
Then I realize: “Why, there
are nearly no mammals that fly.”

It seems so unfair
that we cannot step into the air.
That we with the biggest brains
and thoughts profound
are left here on the ground
looking up into the rain.
But to the rainbow
we cannot go. (Can we?)

His silhouette across the moon
makes a beautiful night out of the gloom.
The flap of leathery wings in the dark
makes a magic feeling in my heart.
A cute little goblin from a shadowy dream
the night holds the bat in high esteem.
Add sonar… and there you are,
and that’s why I like bats.