Helix Wind Turbines To Power Cell Phone Towers

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Helix Wind Corporation, a global renewable energy company, is working to provide cost-effective renewable energy solutions to telecommunications companies. Specifically, Helix’s wind turbines are ideal ways to lower the costs of operating expenses associated with cell phone towers in remote locations. These solutions are ideal for telecom infrastructure providers worldwide dealing with cell towers that are remote or off-grid and utilize unreliable or expensive energy sources. Depending on the configuration, Helix turbines can produce enough power to pay for themselves in as little as six months.

Helix hopes to have test sites installed in the U.S. and West Africa by November 2009. The company will deliver its first test turbines to Eltek NSG in Nigeria in late October for installation at one of two identified test sites. Pending successful testing and subsequent rollout to several operators in the region including Zain and MTI, Helix’s relationship with Eltek NSG could potentially mean several hundred sites over the next few years and eventual implementation in other African nations, and is the result of work performed by CP Pumps & Systems FZCO, Helix’s distributor in Dubai.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for Helix Wind in the cell tower markets in developing countries and remote applications,” noted Ian Gardner, Helix Wind CEO. “Currently such towers are powered by diesel generators, which are bad for the environment and extremely expensive to operate. Anywhere the power grid is unreliable, expensive or simply non-existent, wind is an ideal renewable energy resource able to power these towers and reduce their operating cost. Helix Wind is excited to be entering the test phase of our solution for this promising new market.”

Helix Wind Corp., a global renewable energy company, is engaged in the design, manufacturing and sale of small wind vertical axis turbines designed to generate 300W, 1kW, 2.0kW, 4.0kW, and 50kW of clean, renewable electricity.

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